Elertus, an established wireless communication developer based in Draper, Utah, has recently unveiled their latest product: the Elertus Wine Protection System.  The smart wireless sensor is designed to closely monitor temperature, humidity, light, and movement in a wine cellar or wine cabinet, ensuring that wine collectibles are stored in the optimal climate conditions, and safeguarded against unauthorized access and theft.

Elertus Smart Wine Protection System

Elertus Smart Wine Protection System

The Elertus wine protection system is a wine cellar innovation that offers a simple security solution to avoid costly damage to an expensive wine collection.

The battery-powered smart sensor is designed to keep a watchful eye on the environmental conditions in wine cellars, as well as to monitor physical activity.

If the sensor detects significant changes in its surroundings (e.g. excessive movement, a cooling system failure, the door opening, etc.), an alert message is instantly transmitted via SMS or email.

Wines require a dark and stable environmeny in order to mature to their full potential.  Exposure to fluctuating temperature levels can cause the spoilage or premature aging of wines.

Damage to wine labels may occur when the humidity is too high, and the cork can dry out when the humidity is too low.

The Elertus Smart Sensor is engineered to constantly monitor the climate conditions of wine cellars, to ensure that temperature is well within 50°F to 55°F and that the humidity is around 60% to 70%.

Exposing wines to incandescent light for long periods of time can negatively alter their chemistry.  The small, wireless sensor from Elertus is designed to detect whether a light has been switched on/off in a wine room.  In addition, the smart sensor wine protection system allows users to check if a light was inadvertently left on inside the wine storage space.

Wine Protection System for Wine Cellars

Wine Protection System for Wine Cellars

This wine cellar innovation system is equipped with a motion sensor that immediately notifies users when someone tries to gain access to their valuable wine collection.

The device also alerts owners when there is an attempt to move the system from its current location.

The Elertus Smart Sensor offers around-the-clock monitoring and notification of wine room conditions, giving wine collectors peace of mind knowing that their liquid assets are protected against burglary and damage from inconsistent environmental conditions.

Measuring 3.1”(L) × 2.6”(W) × 1.05”(H), the Elertus system is compatible with any wine cellar, wine cooler, and wine or liquor cabinet.  The Elertus Smart Sensor is designed to provide ease of installation and configuration and does not require furniture modifications or the use of power tools.

The smart wireless sensor is a compact, battery-powered device, that begins monitoring its surroundings as soon as it is hooked into a local Wi-Fi network.

The Elertus Wine Protection System comes complete with the Elertus Smart Sensor, an optional conventional door sensor, a microsensor, an adhesive Velcro strip, a screw packet with which to install the conventional door sensor, two (AA) batteries, and a comprehensive and easy to follow installation guide with configuration instructions.

Elertus Wine Protection System on your Phone

Elertus Wine Protection System on your Phone

A standard or conventional door sensor is designed for windows, cabinets, or doors, while a micro-sized sensor is made for smaller compartments, such as a home safe.  The magnetic sensor alerts the owner if the entry door to a wine cellar is being tampered with or opened.

The Elertus smartphone app allows users to constantly monitor the status of their wine cellar environment, using their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android devices.

The Elertus app features a clean and user-friendly interface that provides ease of navigation and control.  Owners receive instant alerts on their smartphone app and a weekly system-generated email.

The Elertus app can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Aside from receiving instant notifications and viewing recent status on their smartphone app, users can customize their alerts, and add (or manage) up to five contacts.

Customizing alerts allows users to choose whether they want to receive a combination of SMS and/or email notifications.

Due to its small size, the Elertus Sensor can be mounted almost anywhere, using the included Velcro strips or screws.  Once the smart sensor is installed and connected to a home’s Wi-Fi system, the system begins tracking the climate conditions of a wine storage facility.

Before users can sign into the Elertus app, they must first complete the wine protection system setup and account activation.

The Elertus Wine Protection System is a must-have security device in the wine cellars of serious wine collectors.  It provides 24/7 surveillance of a wine storage environment, keeping wine cellars secured against break-ins and protecting wine bottles from sudden changes in climate conditions.

The Elertus Smart Sensor sends a silent alarm and instant alert notification when trigger sites are activated, based on the configured settings.


The Elertus Smart Sensor - Protecting Your Wines in All Aspects

The Elertus Smart Sensor – Protecting Your Wines in All Aspects

In summary, Elertus Wine Protection System monitors the following elements:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Movement
  • Door
  • Light
The Elertus Wine Protection System also provides you the option to stay connected through:
  • Smartphone App
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Web browsing

These smart features of the Elertus Smart Sensor are available on:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Android

This FREE accessibility feature makes it easy to:

  • Check the Elertus Smart Sensor’s status
  • Receive alerts
  • Manage contacts
  • Customize trigger points

Wine collecting is an enthralling kind of hobby that makes the drinking lifestyle even more pleasurable.  Rare and fine wine bottles are considered an investment that must be well protected all the time.

Having a security system that can guard wines 24/ makes wine collectors feel at ease every time.  The smart features of the Elertus wine protection system not only safeguard your wines but also promote optimum wine aging and preservation.

Hence investing in this device is worth it.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars now offers this wine protection system to wine cellar owners.  Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is an expert in wine cellar design and construction.  With over 10 years of experience in the wine cellar industry, Coastal continues to improve and innovate to give the best product options and storage solutions to wine lovers and wine collectors.

Now with the Elertus Smart Sensor available at Coastal, you will not only have a stunning wine cellar design and quality wine storage furniture; but you also have the best monitoring device that can protect your wines and your wine cellar.

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