Contemporary Wine Cellar St Louis Missouri

Contemporary Wine Cellar St Louis Missouri

In April 2012, a group of wine cellar builders took on a contemporary wine cellar project with a storage capacity of 926 wine bottles.  Meshing the traditional and modern appearance was achieved by using materials that reflected a contemporary look.  The builders used All Heart Redwood for the racking system, Cooperage wine barrel for the flooring material, and seamless insulated glass for the cellar entrance and walls.

Since the contemporary wine cellar Missouri was to be climate controlled, the builders decided to install double insulated glass for the walls and entryway for better insulation.  Seamless insulated glass also offers an unimpeded and spectacular view of the wine cellar from the outside.

Using double insulated glass can help prevent condensation from building up inside the wine storage room.  In a climate controlled environment, it is essential to keep condensation at bay.  If moisture is allowed to form it can cause molds to grow on wine labels and corks, which can ruin your entire wine collection and may prove costly to remove when allowed to infest over time.

Wine Racks 

Wood Wine Racks for Custom Wine Cellars Missouri

Wood Wine Racks for Custom Wine Cellars Missouri

For this contemporary wine cellar’s architectural element, the builders adopted a symmetrical design in order to show balance and harmony.  They used a single bottle wine storage rack with high reveal display rows.  High reveal display rows allow you to store wine bottles at a 15 degree angle, which helps keep the cork moist since it constantly remains in contact with the wine.  The bottom half of the racking system included diamond bins for bulk storage.

Wine Cellar Lighting 

An LED recessed lighting system was installed to accentuate wine room structures and highlight wine displays.  LED lighting is energy-efficient and emits very minimal heat.  In addition, this type of lighting system does not give off ultraviolet lights that can damage the wine collection.  To make the wine cellar more visually appealing, horizontal, label forward wine displays were added next to the glass windows.

Wine Cellar Flooring 

For the wine cellar flooring material, the builders opted to use Cooperage wine barrel flooring to give the wine room an attractive and elegant flair.  Cooperage is the top and bottom part of a wine barrel that features winery stamps and insignias.  These unique markings are what give recycled wine barrel flooring their distinctive feature.  When combined with the beautiful soft hues of the All Natural Redwood racking system, the result is aesthetically wonderful.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 

Since the client wanted the cooling unit out of sight and, given the budget constraints, the builders decided to install a CellarPro 4200 VSi self-contained wine cellar cooling unit.  Self-contained systems are designed for easy through the wall installation and require an adjacent room where warm air can be discharged.

Using rear and front ducting kits, the unit was mounted in and above the ceiling.  Warm air is exhausted outdoors via rear ducting kits while cold air is carried into the room through front ducting kits.  The builders also installed an LED control panel outside the wine cellar.