Learn About A Few of the Best Wood Species For Custom Wine Cellars


Custom wine cellars will house your beloved wines. They must be beautiful and durable. The beauty and strength of your custom wine cellars depends on what wood specie is used in making them. Here are a few of the best custom wood cellar choices that you can select from:


Prime Mahogany


Prime Mahogany is a wood specie that is reddish brown colored, and is one of the best wood types grown in Southeast Asia. This wood specie looks beautiful unstained, but readily absorbs stains and finishes, should you opt to apply them. Besides its elegant color, Prime Mahogany has a classic mahogany grain pattern. Applying stains and finishes will accentuate it.


Prime Mahogany is a good choice for custom wine cellars, because this dense hardwood is resistant to rotting, shrinking, warping, decay, checking and infestation.


Amber Blaze Mahogany


Amber Blaze Mahogany is another good choice of wood specie for custom wine cellars, because it is a very dense, hard and heavy type of wood. It has a distinctly dark reddish brown color. Because of this color, wine cellars made from this wood specie have a luxurious appearance.



 Premium Redwood


Another good wood choice for your custom wine cellar is Premium Redwood. This type of wood is grown in the cool, damp forests of Northern California. Because of the climate where it is grown, it is naturally resistant to a cool and humid environment akin to that within a wine storage room.


Premium Redwood comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white, to pink, to red and reddish brown. It also is a type of wood that has an open-celled structure, and has very little to no pitch or resins. These characteristics enable this type of wood to absorb and retain all kinds of finishes.


Premium Redwood is very durable. It is resistant to shrinking, warping and checking.


Clear All Heart Redwood


Clear All Heart Redwood is a type of Redwood grown in the cool, damp forests of Northern California. This type of wood is a good choice for custom wine cellars, because it is very resistant to rot, mildew and insect infestations. As the tree from which this wood comes from grows, it absorbs minerals, which give it its reddish brown tones and make it highly resistant to decay. Clear All Heart Redwood is so durable that it can last thousands of years.


Clear All Heart Redwood comes in a variety of colors that range from pink, to red, to dark brown with reddish overlay. This type of wood will age beautifully, even without stains or finishes. Its colors grow darker in depth through time.


Rustic Pine


Rustic Pine is another good choice for building custom wine cellars. This type of pine grows all throughout North America. It has a distinct soft and creamy color, and has subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. Custom wine cellars made from Rustic Pine have a rustic architectural appearance.


Rustic Pine comes in a variety of grain patterns, which are emphasized when dark stains are applied. The variations become even more pronounced if a lacquer finish is added. Rustic Pine efficiently absorbs and retains all types of finishes.