Custom Wine Cellars Orange County Wine Geek Part Three – A  Processed Video Transcription

Home Wine Cellars Orange County Wine Geek Part Three

Completing the Home Wine Cellar Orange County Project

Tim:  So it’s starting to look like a finished home wine cellar here.

Leslie:  It’s starting to look like a finished room but we suffered a few setbacks here.  This is when the paint went up.  I got so excited I took pictures of it before it even dried.  I was just so excited.

Tim:  Is that plain or is it textures in some way?

Leslie:  That’s one solid color.

Jerry:  So, Leslie, you just textured the dry wall and then paint it.   Correct?

Leslie:  Everything is flat.  Flat, flat, flat.

Constructing Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California

Constructing Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California

Tim:  It’s shiny here.  It almost looks like there’s a gloss…

Leslie:  Because it’s wet.   I think the next day I actually even posted something like, if you guys love watching paint dry.  Here you are going to see a better representation of the room with the actual paint and then the door being removed, and that’s actually when the racking showed up.

Tim:  Your wall is starting to be merged in there.

Leslie:  That’s my contractor.  It’s like Christmas in my garage.  We opened up all the packaging and he just decided for fun we’d open one random box and put it together.  There are actually multiple pages to this.  If you look at the top, you will see it says page 103.  If you head to the next page, I believe you will see one of the champagne racks.  I was so impressed with the fact that I had photos of all the different walls and everything had instructions and there was this one pager which says this package fits on this part of the wall and we were able to take those labels and put them on the racking themselves.  It was very easy to figure out where everything went.

Tim:  So what are we looking at now?

Custom Wine Cellar Door

Custom Wine Cellar Door Installed

Custom Wine Cellar Door Installed

Leslie:  That’s just basically the door that was installed, the custom wine cellar door hardware, and the AC that was installed that day.  So that’s my nice looking wine cellar door.

Tim:  So that’s the entrance to the custom wine cellars Orange County and we’re looking out from the cellar now?

Leslie:  Yes and if you look at the glare that’s a dorky little kid there.  I am actually in the home wine cellar taking that photo looking out.

Tim:  That would be the cooling unit going in?

Leslie:  What was really funny about this, I remembered it being silver and I said to my contractor, “I don’t remember it being black.”  He goes, “I spray painted it because it was silver and I thought it would look ugly in your custom wine cellars Orange County.”  I go, “Dude, there’s a cover for it.”

Wine Cellar Lighting

Tim:  And that would be track wine cellar lighting that would ultimately highlight different areas of the cellar.

Wine Cellar Lighting - Track Lights

Wine Cellar Lighting – Track Lights

Leslie:  I use that so much more than recessed lighting.  I’m glad that I have recessed wine cellar lighting, it’s important.  But I barely turn them on.  I almost all the time use track lighting because they are so great in highlighting specific areas of the cellar.

Jerry:  Leslie, do you have a timer or a dimmer switch for your lights?

Leslie:  They are all on slide dimmers.  All three:  the track lighting, recessed lighting, and I believe somewhere up here I have photos of that, but, yes, they are all on dimmer switches.  That’s the rack that was put together.  This bottle of Shiraz never fits in any standard racking and my friends always complain about Pax.  That other photo is a perfect example.

The minute I saw that bottle in the racking like that I went, “Holy heck!  If it fits this easily in the racking, it’s going to fit in the standard racking just

fine.” And of course it did, which is great.  It’s like slimming in there.  You would never know.  In fact, I sent the first photos to some friends and asked them to guess the type of bottle and they never guessed it was a bottle of Pax.

Custom Wine Racks for the Home Wine Cellar

Tim:  And this is all the racking still?

Leslie:  Yes, it’s all the racking and a very impatient Leslie waiting for the racking to be put together.

Jerry:  Each individual component or most of the components were assembled in the garage and then brought into the wine room, correct?

Custom Wine Racks Installation

Custom Wine Racks Installation

Leslie:  Not only were they assembled in the garage, I don’t if I told you this, but we did a stream video feed of me putting together my custom wine racks because all my friends wanted to see how the racking project was going along and I said that it would be better for me to put it on video.  So I did a live video stream and at one point I had 30 people in the room actually watching me and the contractor’s son build the racking.

Jerry:  I participated on that one day.

Leslie:  Yes, and even when I put the wine in the cellar I still had more people that were demanding to watch me actually put bottles in the custom wine cellars Orange County, and I was like, “Okay.  If that’s what you want, here you go!”

Tim:  And we’re starting to see the custom wine racks going in place now?

Leslie:  What we did here was we took all the racking divided it up and sectioned it out.  We had a problem with the closet.  It was so funny because my contractor wouldn’t admit to me that he made a booboo.  I was out at a meeting and I come home and I my closet’s been bashed apart and I was like, “What happened to my closet?”  And he was, “I didn’t tell them about the right footer in the closet so the racking won’t fit.”  He bashed the right footer down and so that set us back a couple of days.  But it looks really pretty and clean now.  I kind of like it.  But I wish I was there to just hear him curse himself out when he realized that he made a booboo like that.

Custom Wine Racks in the Wine Room

Custom Wine Racks in the Wine Room

This was a fun photo because this was the first part of racking going in and that’s the main wall underneath the AC.  That’s double deep racking.  I was really excited at this point because the custom wine racks had a lot of pink in it and I was concerned that it would crash against the floor but the minute it got in there, I mean, this was like one of my happiest photos right there.  This is to show the booboo that we had with the racking, but that one right there is a great example of just how well that wood goes well with the flooring.

Tim:  So here it’s pink, but here it changed color.

Leslie:  Well, I think I put the flash on for Jerry because I wanted to show him.  Everything else was taken in its natural light.  Even with the lights fully on the pink completely goes away in the racking and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with how nicely this racking goes without flooring.

Tim:  That’s very interesting because it’s the wine cellar lighting and it’s the flash that’s making this look completely different.  In reality it looks more like that.  It’s amazing the impact the lighting makes.   It makes it look completely look different.

Leslie:  This has been someone who does a lot of work in photography.  The lighting in the home wine cellar is just so nice and it’s been a really interesting lesson in lighting.

Completed Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California

Completed Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California