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Residential Wine Cellars Newport Coast California

Hello again and welcome to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Newport Beach California! I am Jerry Wilson, I’m the founder of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast California and as promised, this is part two in a series of videos for a residential wine cellars located in Newport Coast California that’s situated right between Laguna Beach California and Newport Beach California.

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Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast California – Taking Measurements

It’s a large job, a lot of details were involved in this particular residential wine cellar project and a lot of time was involved.  It’s actually a guest home and an entertainment residence that is constructed next door to the primary residence, and it certainly didn’t take three years to build a wine cellar but because of the overall construction project and we had a certain time frame that we worked on this.

It was probably, 12 different design changes that we’ve seen to, a lot of details, a lot of specifics were requested on this wine room. Its’ got a lot of features from a management point of view, got some security alerts to help monitor the temperature and humidity.

Couples years back we took some initial photos of the wine room. This was our canvas; concrete walls that are ten feet tall, the aisle has to be sealed and insulated properly. Here you can see I’m taking more measurements and we have pictures of the ducting here.

This ducting is actually an air handler that supplies cool air to this custom wine cellars. There are multiple

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Ducting System for Residential Wine Cellars Newport Coast California

ways of cooling a wine room – there’s the self-contained cooling unit, split refrigeration.

This particular client needed to maximize the storage and he didn’t want any visible equipment. So there is a ducted air handler just on the other side of the wall that I’m measuring there.

This, as you can see, is the ducting for cold air supply and then the return. The home is still under construction, so this picture was taken just right after the actual installation, but certainly we’ll be able to show you the quality and craftsmanship that we offer.

We’ll talk a little about the woods; you’ll see some feature like the rolling ladders and earthquake tilt that we installed here. This is the very back of the wine cellar. As you enter the wine room you’ll pass through two arch passage ways and this is the back wall where you’ll come to a kind of a tasting area and table top area.

This is a double deep lattice style arch, all of the wine racks are made of Malaysian mahogany and they were rustic stained, and we put a clear top coat finish on it to give a little bit semi-gloss. There’s 3 liters and 6 liters storage just above the arch as there is in every passages way.

This metal here is for the library ladder, where the ladder is hooked to. And those libraries ladders indeed to keep them out the highways and for safety concern we created niches for storage, so you can simply unhook it from the track and place it in the storage area.

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Malaysian Mahogany Wine Racks with Earthquake Tilt and a Ladder

This a great picture here of the shelves, I think all these orbs are just floating through here; indeed it was dusty in that particular day. And again we’ll have more pictures for you as soon as we start this. It’s quite beautiful! Again note the track for library ladder.

But also take note of this, remember this is in Southern California and we’re prone to earthquakes here. So it’s recommended but also highly requested for what’s called “earthquake tilt.”

Note that inside each single bottle opening here on the left and right side have bottle supports inside those openings that actually tilt backwards in the event of a shake or a quake. It certainly helps prevent your bottles from falling out the wine racks.

We’re also featuring and you’ll see these square openings, these are horizontal displays were the bottle lays full a long way, so you see the full length of it.

Residential Wine Cellars Newport Coast California has a lot of this, actually for the 3 liters and 6 liter bottles we have 27 openings. We have 391 horizontal displays much like this here that will store 750 milliliters and 1.5 liter bottles.

We have over 45 wood cases storage openings, again the earthquake tilts for single bottle storage openings, multiple arch passage ways and hidden storage for the ladders, two ladders actually that accommodate this 13×20 foot wine cellar with 10 foot wine racks, that’s a lot of wines folks.



Regardless of the size of your wine room, whether it be a small closet that you want to create some storage for, passive mode or if indeed you have a large custom wine cellars project such as this or anywhere in between, then reach out to us. We have been in the industry for 13 years and will be glad to help you.

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