Click here to see a larger image.It is undeniable that a custom wine cellar can add beauty to your home, wine bar, restaurant, or hotel.

But the core purpose of having a wine cellar is to protect your fine wines from harmful environmental factors, such as unstable temperature and humidity levels, vibration, and noise. 

To ensure that your wine is well protected against damage or spoilage, you will need an expert Orange County custom wine cellar builder.  If you choose a general contractor, you cannot expect that the necessary elements and techniques to build an efficient wine cellar are met. 

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County is an expert in custom wine cellar design and construction.  We help clients meet their individual wine cellar design specifications and wine storage needs. 

What are the Steps in the Custom Wine Cellar Design Orange County Process? 

Design Consultation 

The first step in the custom wine cellar design Orange County process is to have a talk with our clients.  We need to know your wine personality profile and wine storage preferences.  The most important things we ask about are the following: 

  1. Number of bottles you want to store (storage capacity) 
  2. Size of the wine storage room 
  3. How you want to showcase their wine collection 
  4. Style of the wine cellar – traditional, contemporary, or a combination of both (transitional wine cellar) 
  5. Budget 
  6. Timeline 
  7. Long-term wine storage and inventory management requirements
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Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design

Design Proposal 

After discussing with you your storage and design specifications, Custom Wine Cellars Orange County will create a drawing of the wine cellar that includes the wine racks, doors, flooring, and wine cellar refrigeration systems 

Design Revisions 

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County will provide a revised wine cellar design for you if necessary, so we can accommodate your preferences.   

Room Preparation 

This process involves the installation of vapor barriers, frames, and insulation.  These elements are important in keeping your wine safe. 

Wine Cellar Construction 

Wine cellar construction begins after we finalize the custom wine cellar design Orange County. 

Custom Wine Cellar Design Orange County – The Different Styles 

Traditional Custom Wine Cellar Design 

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Traditional Custom Wine Cellar Design

Traditional wine cellar design is a favorite choice for clients who want to project a warm, homey ambiance.  This is achieved by incorporating natural tones and materials such as wood, stone, and cork.  The wooden wine racks are commonly made of Beech, Oak, Mahogany, Redwood, or Walnut.  Wood stains may be added, but some choose to keep the wood unstained.   

The wine cellar door is also made of wood, but other materials like glass and carved iron may also be added to create a more aesthetic appeal.  The flooring may be made of ceramic, tile, stone, or cork.   

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Design 

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Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Design

Contemporary wine cellar design is getting more and more popular in the past years.  The sleek look of modern wine cellars is achieved by using metal wine racks, acrylic wine racks, frame-less glass doors, and glass enclosures.  The design is usually minimalist, and there are less wood and stone materials. 

Transitional Custom Wine Cellar Design 

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Transitional Custom Wine Cellar Design

Transitional custom wine cellar design is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles.  This means that you can see wood, stone, glass, and metal in this type of wine cellar. 

Let Us Get Started with Your Custom Wine Cellar Design Orange County Project! 

Planning your own custom wine cellar is an enjoyable experience.  Partner with an expert Orange County custom wine cellar installer to fulfill your dream wine cellar.  Here, at Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we can provide you with all the necessary information you need so you can make a clever decision, budget-wise and design-wise.  It is our goal to build highly efficient and beautiful custom wine cellars for residential and commercial settings. 

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