Do you or do you not need a wine cellar cooling unit?
Definitely, yes! Aging of wines is better achieved with appropriate wine cellar temperature and humidity levels, so a need for a wine cellar cooling unit should never be put in doubt. Bella Vita Wine Cellars offers only the finest varieties of climate controlled systems which come with easy installation, long-lasting performance, and the ability to recreate conditions typical of a wine cellar. Selections include wine coolers, wine chillers, and wine refrigeration units encompassing all that you need in a a wine cellar cooling system.

What is the most efficient type?
Among the many types of wine cellar cooling units we offer, a split system cooling unit is considered the most efficient and popularly used in the wine cellar industry and it can be installed either in residential or business locations. This cooling unit is “split” into a condensing unit, which can be placed inside or outside the home or business and a fan coil which is placed inside the wine cellar.

How should a wine cooling unit function?
Our wine cooling units are expertly engineered to maintain ideal wine storage temperatures which ranges from 130 C to 150 C (55 – 58o F). Temperature fluctuation and wide humidity variations are very damaging to wine especially over a long period of time so you definitely want to install a wine cooling unit that can maintain the constant cool temperature and humidity conditions required inside the wine cellar. Humidity levels plays its part in preserving moisture in wine corks and in maintaining the cork’s shape which consequently keeps a good seal in the bottle.

How do I make my Cooling Unit a Piece of the Decor?
Wood housings for wine cellar cooling units are also available which hides their mechanical exteriors and matches them with the looks of your wood wine racks, wood wine cabinets, wooden table counters, and other fixtures usually found in custom wine cellars.

To know more about proper wine cooling unit specifications, you may call or email us now and we’d be more than happy to help. Need an expert wine cellar cooling and HVAC contractor in Orange County? Call AC Cool (800) 940 7821.