The design and construction of wine cellars not only focuses on providing the best climate conditions for wines, but also on building a space that reflects the culture and lifestyle of the serious oenophile.  Wine cellar designers aim to create a custom wine storage space that is efficient, functional, and chic.

Modern wine cellar designs have been coming up with innovative and stylish ways to enhance the appearance of a wine room.  Custom wine cellar design experts have been integrating unique materials to give both residential and commercial wine rooms a look that is distinct and visually striking.

Wine Cellar Designs Featuring Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine Cellar Designs Featuring Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring

It is not surprising that there is a growing interest in using authentic reclaimed wine barrels in wine cellar décor.  Oak wine barrels that have been retired from cellar service are being recycled and reprocessed into new materials that can be used as upscale flooring products, elegant decorative items, and stunning wine racking systems.

Cooperage, Barrel Stave and Infusion

Cooperage, barrel stave, and wine infusion are the three different parts of the wine barrel that are refashioned and re-milled into unusual design and construction products.  Each reclaimed wood component has its own distinctive features and characteristics that can transform an ordinary wine room into a remarkable wine storage space.


Cooperage from Reclaimed Wine Barrels

Cooperage from Reclaimed Wine Barrels

The term ‘cooperage’ refers to a facility where wine barrels are made.  Cooperage wood products come from the barrelhead of a wine barrel.  This part of the barrel bears the distinct markings and cooper stamps from the corresponding winery.

The markings contain the badge and vineyard label and are also used to identify the contents of the barrels.  Reclaimed cooperage items are being utilized for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and wine racking.

Wine Barrel Stave and Infusion

Wine Barrel Stave and Infusion

Wine Barrel Stave

Stave wood components are made from the narrow strips of wood that form the side of wine barrels.  This wood product retains the hoop patterns from the original metal rings that once held the barrel intact.

These patterns make a distinct outline, especially when put together to create reclaimed wine barrel flooring and countertops.

Wine Infusion

Perpetually stained by the color of the wine it once contained, the wine-infused wood product comes from the inside of a wine barrel.

Wine infusion components retain the deep, rich, and beautiful coloring of natural wine stains, combined with the natural tones of oak wood.

These are not stained by artificial dyes, making the color genuine.  They are offered in a range of exquisite tones, such as golden brown and red.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring - Home Wine Cellar in Boston

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring – Home Wine Cellar in Boston

Reclaimed wood components from retired wine barrels are often used as flooring products because of their strength and enduring quality, as well as the timeless appeal and nostalgic vibe they bring to a custom wine room.

The combination of barrelhead stamps, hoop markings, infusions, and stave pieces of various widths and lengths provide a distinct appearance to a wine room, and bring the magic of wine country a little bit closer to home.

Because of these natural and distinctive wine barrel features, no two wine rooms will have the same reclaimed wine barrel flooring design.

The tongue and groove method is used in joining the floorboards made from retired wine barrels together, as this reduces the amount of nailing and gluing.

Tongue and groove joints create a single flat surface, by securely fastening two flat pieces together.  The tongue and groove feature builds a woodworking joint that is durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing.

Wine Barrel Head Carvings

Another creative wine cellar design element that can be fashioned out of retired wine barrels is wine barrel head carvings.  Although the whole wine barrel can be carved, the barrel end is most commonly used in wine barrel carving.

Wine Barrel Head Carvings

Wine Barrel Head Carvings

Carvings on wine barrels can depict a variety of themes and subjects, such as a coat of arms, landscapes, company logos, animal forms, vineyards, fruits, and even personal designs, by clients.

The wine barrel head is about 24 inches in diameter, and it includes a depth of four inches of surrounding hoops and staves.  After cutting off the barrel end, it is then dismantled, refurbished, and reassembled with polyurethane glue, for added durability and strength.

A round plywood backing is also glued into a recessed area of the piece, to provide structural integrity.  The steel hoops are reconditioned and restored to their original glory through hammering out any dents and applying a fresh coat of ‘hammered silver’ paint.

Wine barrel head carvings are heirloom quality works of art that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.  This wine inspired wood art can be mounted on wine cellar walls, hung in an entryway, or placed on counters or tabletops.

The addition of wine barrel carvings in a custom wine room enhances its beauty and adds a personalized look to the space.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Countertops and Wine Racks

Wine Barrel Countertops for Wine Cellars

Wine Barrel Countertops for Wine Cellars

There are a number of materials used in wine rack construction, but all pale in comparison to wine racking solutions constructed from authentic reclaimed wine barrels.  Wine racks made from old barrels display an attractive, curvy appearance, and showcase the markings that make them unique and strikingly gorgeous.

Matching reclaimed wine barrel countertops adds a distinctive feature and functionality to a wine cellar space.  Beautifully handcrafted countertops serve as an area for serving and decanting wines, and at the same time increase the aesthetic appeal of a custom wine enclave.

Incorporating recycled wine barrel products into wine cellar designs not only creates a one of a kind wine storage environment, but also promotes sustainability.  Reusing this unique resource yields wood products that are stylish, functional, and very eco-friendly.

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