Many companies in recent years have had to react to a changing economy and market place. Nowhere has this been more evident than the construction industry which suffered mightily from the bursting of the housing bubble several years ago. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has managed to navigate that shift by focusing on the increased desire for custom wine rooms.

Wine Market Growing

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Beautiful craftsmanship by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore

More and more wineries are being built in America. A recent Washington Post article outlined the dramatic numbers:

“At the turn of the millennium, there were approximately 2,000 wineries in the United States. Today, there are close to 8,000.”

This growth has occurred outside the traditional wine growing states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Maryland has not been left out. It too has seen great growth in its wine country, now offering more than 400 different wines to choose from.

Jerry Wilson—Master Wine Cellar Builder

Jerry Wilson has jumped on this market shift in recent years, creating a construction company that is capitalizing on this growth. He has assembled a portfolio of residential and commercial wine racks, displays, and spaces which demonstrate both stunning beauty and proficient functionality. He’s excited to be servicing the Baltimore area now, with his very own custom design & installation office.

Wilson is an expert on cooling, the most important factor in creating a wine room. Wine can be degraded or even ruined by fluctuations of temperature. Wine shouldn’t be stored in a space that is too hot or too cold, or a room with any kind of temperature fluctuation. Wine cellars, properly constructed, regulate this temperature through the proper choice of the right kind of cooling system. Wilson’s years of experience helps him counsel his clients on choosing the right system, the right design choices, creating a custom wine room that stuns guests.

The New Baltimore office will help wine lovers in the area to enjoy and preserver their wine purchases, while also enhancing the design of their homes for years to come.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore

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