All About Nikita

Owner Larry Ellison with Nikita Kahn

Owner Larry Ellison with Nikita Kahn


The upscale Mediterranean-Italian restaurant Nikita officially debuted over the summer along Malibu’s Carbon Beach oceanfront (also touted as the world’s most expensive sandbox).  The latest culinary destination in Malibu, California is owned by Oracle Corporation’s co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison; it’s rumored to have been named after Ukrainian actress and Ellison’s current girlfriend, Nikita Kahn.

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the eponymous Malibu pier, Nikita Restaurant features Zen-inspired decor amid giant glass panes, which provide an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean and a spacious rooftop patio that offers casual and comfortable seating for alfresco dining.

Nikita Restaurant Malibu California

Nikita Restaurant Malibu California

The Nikita kitchen churns out elegantly plated appetizers and well-crafted dishes by renowned Michelin-starred chef Massimiliano Blason.  The high-end restaurant enlisted the help of Greg Seider of Manhattan’s The Summit Bar to design their cocktail menu and Renee-Nicole Kubin to take charge of food and wine pairings.  Rounding off the Nikita team is Karl Kessab, the restaurant’s resident tea sommelier.

The Restaurant’s Fabulous Commercial Custom Wine Cellar

Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Malibu California (Nikita)

Nikita’s Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Malibu California

Aside from serving delectable cuisine and tempting cocktails, Nikita also boasts an impressive selection of world class wines.  In fact, the restaurant’s elegant interior includes a commercial custom wine cellar that can hold over 1500 bottles, allowing for a steady flow of distinctive reds, whites, and bubblies.

The presence of a carefully constructed commercial custom wine cellar can come in handy, especially when hosting a wine-specific event, such as the restaurant’s recent month long celebration countdown to the fourth annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, that required continuous pouring and sipping of Pink and Yellow Label Vueve.

Nikita Restaurant’s commercial wine storage and display was designed and constructed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, the premier wine cellar builder in California.  They specialize in creating a custom wine cellar space that provides maximum storage capacity, as well as stunning wine displays and presentation.

With over ten years’ worth of experience in the wine cellar industry, their passion and expertise is evident in their completed projects.  They strive to create a custom wine cellar that not only meets the display requirements of their clients, but also speaks volumes about the so called wine lifestyle.

VintageVew Metal Wine Racks for Commercial Wine Storage

VintageVew Metal Wine Racks for Commercial Wine Storage

Coastal utilizes VintageView metal wine racks in most of their commercial custom wine cellar Malibu California projects.  Metal wine racks from Vintage View are space efficient racking solutions that create an effective and aesthetically pleasing storage system in a commercial setting.  VintageView metal wine racks offer horizontal, label forward displays of wine bottles that promote ease of visibility and identification of the different wine brands.

For this particular commercial custom wine cellar Malibu California project, Coastal used a combination of custom wine rack styles, such as floor to ceiling wine racks, height-specific racking systems, and X-cube bins to achieve optimum wine storage capacity.  All metal wine racking components came with a black finish that blended well with the restaurant’s Zen vibe.

Floor to ceiling VintageView metal wine racks were positioned near the glass walls and entrance to the wine room to provide a visually stimulating presentation of the wine menu or inventory.  To utilize the existing wood shelving inside the wine room, Coastal installed metal wine racks custom cut to specific heights to fit within the confines of the shelving.  X-cube bins were added for bulk storage.

All in all, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars designed an elegant and efficient commercial wine storage space that complements the sophisticated and tasteful furnishings of Nikita Restaurant, the latest gastronomic destination in Malibu, California.