The Best Wines to Include in Your Collection & Wine Storage Details

1. Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators function differently from your average kitchen refrigerator. Wine refrigerators are purposely designed for storing wine. The average kitchen fridge cannot provide the necessary requirements for proper wine storage because they are designed to store certain perishable foods only, like vegetables and meat.

There are various kinds of wine refrigerators in Orange County, California and the best ones are those that have multiple compartments. A dual zone wine refrigerator, for example, has two temperature compartments, wherein you can keep your red wines and white wines at different temperatures.

Wine Cellar Designer and Builder

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Wine refrigerators are only good for storing a few wine bottles. If you have a huge wine collection, you will need a bigger storage space. Residential wine cellars in Orange County, California can accommodate from a hundred to a thousand wine bottles.

Residential wine cellars should be designed and built by a professional, so that they can efficiently and effectively store your wines. There should be proper insulation and vapor barriers applied. A professional wine cellar designer will also make sure that the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration unit is installed.

Wine cellars by Coastal are a few of the best home wine cellars in Orange County, California. They will help you from the designing of your wine storage room up to its completion.

Serving Temperatures for These Valuable Wines

In order to enjoy your wines to their fullest, you should not only store them correctly, but also serve them at their ideal serving temperatures. Different wines have ideal serving temperatures. Château Garraud Pomerol should be served at approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit. For you to enjoy your Solar de Castro Rioja Vendimia Seleccionada at its best quality, serve it at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Your Eden Ridge Chardonnay Mendocino tastes best when served at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, your Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru, like other sparkling wines, should be served at approximately 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

Valuable Wines Need Quality Wine Storage Solutions

The best tasting wines do not come cheap. It is imperative that they are kept safe and their quality preserved. This is why investing in a good residential custom wine cellar in Orange County, California is essential.

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