Wine Storage – Go for Modern Wine Racks with Label Ladder Wine Racks

Label Ladder wine racks make wine bottles appear to be floating in space, which adds to the visual impact of the storage space.  This racking solution includes precision crafted, high performance steel rods, designed to withstand the toughest residential or commercial applications.  Additionally, the rods that hold the wine bottles can be modified to cradle one, two, or three bottles in a lateral position.

Stable Label Ladder Wine Racks Ultra Series

Stable Label Ladder Wine Racks Ultra Series

This type of racking system consists of components that are engineered for long-term durability.  Label Ladder wine racks were exposed to a series of stress testing, and were proven to sustain the entire weight of a person hanging onto one of the steel rods, which essentially lends credence to the strength and durability of this racking solution.

Label Ladder modern wine racks provide a clear and unobstructed view of wine labels.  Maximum visibility of wine labels allows wine collectors to proudly show off their finest liquid collectibles front and center.  An unimpeded display of wine labels also makes it easier for people to identify and locate a specific wine bottle.

Wine Cellar Specialist’s Label Ladder modern wine racks merge functionality and style, and can improve the storage capacity and enhance the aesthetic value of a custom wine cellar space.  They are the ideal wine storage racks, for both residential and commercial wine rooms.

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