The Wine Cellar in San Clemente Project – A Classic Look for a Modern Home

We re-sealed the walls in accordance with the standard insulation methods of today. We also replaced the windows with dual pane glass, which ensures the temperature inside the room will be kept under control by keeping everything airtight.

Custom Wine Cellars CA, Wine Rack Installation & Wine Guardian Cooling Units
The wine refrigeration system we had to choose for this cellar gave us pause, though. The room only contains enough space for the wine racks and bottles to be housed, so installing a hulking refrigeration system inside of the room was out of the question.

We eventually settled on the Wine Guardian Ducted System instead. It is a self-contained unit that contains an impressive in-system humidification module, this allows the client to easily adjust the temperature and humidity levels inside the cellar as he sees fit. Its compact size means that it can be easily hidden from view, and also frees up necessary space for the wine racks to be installed inside the cellar.

No wine enthusiast will argue with you when you say that the wine racks are the “meat” of any wine cellar, so the burden was on us to provide the client with jaw-dropping designs he would be proud to show off to his visitors.

San Clemente custom wine rack

The installed custom wine rack

We eventually settled on the wine racks to be fashioned from Alder wood. The client’s decision to have the racks painted with chestnut stain and a clear lacquer finish resulted in a set of wine racks that look “classic” in every sense of the word.

The entire project was completed in April of 2015. If you’re interested in seeing more of our past jobs, please click here.

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