Wine Cellar Design Coppell Texas Near Dallas Project

Meyer closet before the installation.Here is where the demo was begun, and this is what we found. The floor tiles only went back 2 1/2-foot space of the original closet. We installed the electrical in roughed in for a ductless split climate control system. We added matching tiles and closed cell foam in the walls and ceiling.

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The Completed Texas Residential Wine Cellar

Several other steps were completed before the cellar was done. The completed Texas wine cellar includes iron frame door and windows to provide maximum viewing from the exterior.

The walls and ceiling inside and out were created by blowing crushed limestone from France onto the surfaces, and then hand-carving and coloring into the stone look requested by our customers.

This view shows the finished room with the mahogany role in case storage below. Tabletops and brushed nickel 3D metal racking above.

Meyer custom wine cellar

Led Lighting System

Notice the LED spotlights on the opposite wall directed toward the racks. LED ribbon lighting was also installed behind the case storage to allow lighting to shine up the back wall. Both the ribbon lighting and spot LED lighting are on separate dimmable switches, allowing for lighting changes. Role in case storage allows easy access to the individual cases.

The Cooling System

The grill cover and box over the entrance hides the fan coil. It matches the other wood pieces and is manufactured in mahogany with chestnut color stain and lacquer. We changed the airflow on this wine cooling unit so that the cold air drops down and circulates within the room and rises as warm air sleeping through the grill cover at the top at the ceiling height.

Looking into the cellar from the door, you can see an up-close look at the iron done in a pewter color. This is a modern contemporary climate-controlled wine cellar, incorporating wood, metal, and stone. It’s beautiful and unique. For a wine cellar in your home or business, call Wine Cellar Specialists today.

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