Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units California Installation Project by Arctic Metalworks

The original refrigeration specialist installed a residential wine cellar cooling system that did not have enough power to cool the California residential wine cellar.  The brand new Breezaire refrigeration unit was icing up and leaking water as a result of running continuously to reach the ideal storage temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  To make matters worse, Breezaire declared that the unit was installed improperly, thus voiding the warranty.

California Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration

California Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Arctic Metalworks ran diagnostics and confirmed that the existing wine cellar refrigeration system did not have the proper cooling capacity to create and maintain a conducive environment for storing and aging wines.  The Arctic team removed the existing Breezaire cooling unit and replaced it with an Arctic 0025 ductless split system.

A ductless split system consists of an evaporator unit and a condensing unit, which are connected by a line set.  Wine cellar refrigeration units California with a split feature not only promote whisper quiet operation, but also eliminate noise and heat exhaust.  The condenser, which produces noise and heat, can be placed in a remote location (e.g. outdoors, or in the basement or garage), while the evaporator can be installed inside and/or near the wine room.

The condensing unit for this California residential wine cellar refrigeration installation project was located outdoors, to keep it well-ventilated at all times.  It has a protective covering that shields it against harmful outside elements.  Copper tubing and electrical wiring were used to connect the condenser to the evaporator, which is installed inside the wine room.  Since the Arctic 0025 is a ductless split system, it requires no venting into an adjacent room.

Arctic Metalworks not only provides proactive maintenance of commercial and residential wine cellar refrigeration equipment, but also a warranty on parts and labor.  The Arctic team has a 1% call back rate on all their wine cellar cooling systems, making their refrigeration products the most reliable on the market.

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