Elegant Contemporary Style Residential Wine Room Miami Florida

To add functionality to the back wall display of the residential wine room Miami Florida, the designers decided to install stemware racking, which holds the client’s stemware and glassware in one place.  A matching countertop was also added to provide an area for serving and decanting wines.  The countertop is sealed with a stain to complement the overall appearance of the storage space.

Wine Rack Displays Residential Wine Cellar Florida

Wine Rack Displays Residential Wine Cellar Florida

Right underneath the countertop area are diamond bins in two bottle depth configurations, which provided additional storage capacity to this custom wine cellar North Miami Florida.  Diamond bin components are best for storing wine bottles in bulk and organizing them in groups.  They can hold a large number of different-sized bottles.  This versatile racking solution is ideal for wine collectors who like to buy wines in case lots.

To increase aesthetic appeal and complete the contemporary look of the residential wine room Miami Florida, metal wine rack display and storage solutions were installed right next to the glass window.  Metal wine rack displays with a high reveal display row and label forward storage are flanked by floor to ceiling metal wine racking systems.

Wine racks crafted from various metal pieces can create the most stylish and unique display and storage solutions befitting a contemporary wine cellar space.  Utilizing floor to ceiling metal wine racks not only provides a tasteful wine showcase, but also maximizes the limited storage space of the residential wine room.


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