US Cellars Partners with Coastal to Create a Unique Wine Cellar in California

One of the toughest challenges that Coastal Custom Wine Cellar faced in this wine cellar construction project was the limited space available. The area was approximately 60 inches wide only, with an offset entry door close to the left wall. To maximize the available space, the wine cellar designer, together with the client, decided to install 6 inch deep horizontal label forward display racks on the left hand wall. The wine racks were designed to accommodate wine bottles of various sizes, from standard to magnum size. The rest of the wine racks were 13 ½ inches deep. An arched wine tasting area was also included, right across the cellar’s entryway. The wine tasting area had a horizontal display underneath, which was meant for featuring selected wine bottles. On the sides of the arch, high reveal rows were included. These high reveal rows tilt wine bottles at an angle, so that the labels can be seen by guests. The high reveal display rows continued up to the right hand side wall, and included high capacity standard custom wine racks. Furthermore, central diamond bin case storage was added below.

Additionally, a louvered grill also made from Mahogany was placed at the top of the wine cellar, to conceal the wine cellar refrigeration unit. Mahogany was used so that it would blend in with the Mahogany wine rack design.

2. The Cellar Door

Not a lot of people see the importance of a wine cellar door. Most people see it as simply an entryway to the wine cellar. The truth is, the wine cellar door plays a very important role in keeping the temperature and humidity inside the wine storage room constant. To be effective in doing so, a wine cellar door must be built using durable materials. The wine cellar door in the Laguna Hills wine cellar project had dual glass with chestnut stained Mahogany framing.

3. The Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed

Each wine cellar has different wine storage requirements. Because of this, different wine cellars need different wine cellar cooling systems. For the wine cellar built by Coastal in Laguna Hills, Orange County, California, US Cellar Systems determined the appropriate wine cellar cooling unit, and it was an RM 3600 split type wine cellar refrigeration system. The unit’s evaporator was installed and concealed behind the custom designed louvered grill, while the condenser was placed in another room.

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