Wine Fridges – Which Brand to Trust Your Wines With and Why

Wine storage is not just about stacking wines. It entails vital elements that need to be considered to achieve optimum wine aging.

Wine storage options vary, from small wine cabinets or wine fridges, to large wine cellars customized to the specifications of the owner.  With the many choices that are available in the market today, which ones should you trust to ensure the security and proper aging of your wines?

One of the most convenient and cost-effective solutions for long-term wine storage are wine fridges.  Wine fridges are also known as wine cabinets.  They are designed to keep your wines under the optimum climate conditions, and to enhance the look of any storage space.

Choosing Made Easy for You!

Here, we will name the 5 brands of wine fridges that we consider top-of-the-line and with reasonable prices.

EuroCave Unmatched Technology from France

EuroCave wine fridges are French-made, and very popular for most wine aficionados.  In the design and construction of the wine fridges, every essential element of proper wine storage is considered.  High quality and functionality is what you can expect from EuroCave wine fridges.

EuroCave Wine Fridges (Revelation, Professional, and Pure Series

EuroCave Wine Fridges (Revelation, Professional, and Pure Series

Unique Features that Make EuroCave Wine Fridges Popular:

Tete a Tete Wine Fridge

Tete a Tete Wine Fridge

The Twin Process Thermal Control maintains the temperature constantly.  The SRA aluminum walls distribute the temperature evenly inside the wine fridge.

The Humidity Control System (Hygro+) ensures that humidity is maintained above 50 percent.  The stucco aluminum walls help distribute the moisture equally.

Effective ventilation is sustained by the vents.  The air coming in is purified by the charcoal filter in the intake vent.  Proper insulation is achieved with the 5cm thick fridge wall and a CQI cellular insulant.

EuroCave wine fridges come with an Alarm System, which is activated when the door is left ajar, and when drastic temperature and humidity fluctuations occur.

The compressor of the cooling unit is installed away from the cabinet.  This guarantees that the fridge will be free from vibration.



Choose from the Different Models of EuroCave Wine Fridges:

Eurocave Wine Fridges (Premiere, Collection, and Compact Series)

Eurocave Wine Fridges (Premiere, Collection, and Compact Series)


  1. Revelation Series
  2. Professional Series
  3. Premiere Series
  4. Collection Series
  5. Compact Series
  6. Tệte a Tệte System


Vinopro Wine FridgesThe Bestselling Fridge

Vinopro is considered the best-selling brand of wine fridges.  The sleek design, cost-efficiency, and quality materials are the main characteristics that Vinopro wine fridges offer.

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County All Glass Contemporary


    Custom Wine Cellars Orange County All Glass Contemporary – A Processed Video Transcription

    Custom Wine Cellars Orange County All Glass Contemporary

    Here is a project in Newport Beach, started and completed in 2014.  The room is roughly 16 feet wide, by 5 feet deep, by 9 feet high.

    A unique aspect of this custom wine cellar is that the customer wanted all glass front.  They also wanted a fully ducted system.  However, there is not sufficient attic space to have such a system.

    All Glass Front Custom Wine Cellar Design

    All Glass Front Custom Wine Cellar Design

    In the wine cellar design, the customer requested a mix of traditional wine racking with a modern feel.  The traditional wine racking here will be a Sapele Mahogany with a walnut stain mixed with a modern stainless steel rod for all of these horizontal displays throughout the wine cellar design.

    Traditional and Modern Wine Racking Styles

    Traditional and Modern Wine Racking Styles

    Here’s a wine cellar cooling system that will cover a 10,000BTU SLD Slimline Coil.  As you can see in the wine cellar design, we have full pull out case storage here.  We also decanter and other display as well as an archway.

    SLD Wine Cellar Cooling System

    SLD Wine Cellar Cooling System

    A Closer Look at the Beautiful Custom Wine Cellar Newport Beach CA

    Newport Beach is a city in Orange County, California, and is home to many wineries, vineyards, and wine events.  It is worth noting that many residents in the city venture into serious wine collecting because of the abundant wine sources, and the people’s innate love for wine.

    For avid wine collectors, custom wine cellars are considered a necessary provision.  A wine cellar is worth investing in, because of the convenience, security, wine quality, and other benefits it offers.

    Crystal Grove Residential Development - Custom Wine Cellar Project Site

    Crystal Grove Residential Development – Custom Wine Cellar Project Site

    We came across one wine collector from Crystal Grove Residential Development who needed a space to store his wines.  He had a small area at home that he wanted to convert into a wine storage facility.

    Check out the Custom Wine Cellar Design Drawings

    The space has the following dimensions:

    • Width: 7ft
    • Depth: 5ft
    • Height: 9ft

    He contacted Vintage Wine Cellars, one of the best wine cellar builders in California.  He specifically wanted a functional and sophisticated custom wine cellar.

    Vintage Wine Cellars started the project by consulting with the owners and then creating a wine cellar design.  Below are the drawings that the Vintage Wine Cellars design team created for this custom wine cellar Newport Beach CA project.

    Wine Cellar Design - Plan View

    Wine Cellar Design – Plan View

    Wine Rack Design Elevation 2

    Wine Rack Design Elevation 2

    See the Attractive Combination of Wine Rack Designs

    You can see in the drawings the different wine rack designs that the wine cellar builders combined to achieve a unique custom wine cellar.  These include:

    • Single bottle storage wooden wine racks
    • Horizontal storage with high reveal display row
    • Diamond bin cases
    • Rectangular bins
    • Arched tabletop

    The single bottle storage wine racks has cubicles that can store 750mL bottles individually.  They have 3 ¾-inch openings that allow easy bottle access.  The edges of the bottle holders were hand-sanded, to protect wine labels from scratches.

    Horizontal display storage is a great way to display special wines.  In this custom wine cellar Newport Beach CA project, the horizontal display storage features a high reveal display row.  It stores wine bottles in a 15-degree angle, which helps keep the cork moist and the bottle tightly sealed.

    Horizontal Display Wine Storage with LED

    Horizontal Display Wine Storage with LED

    LED lighting was installed on the display row, to illuminate the wine bottles and make the wine labels readily visible.  With the angled position and LED lighting, the wines on the display row are getting the spotlight.

    A tabletop with an archway was placed in the center of the custom wine cellar.  A beautiful grape painting was added for a personalized appeal.  For the lighting, a puck light was used.

    Tabletop, Archway, Diamond Bins and Single Bottle Storage

    Tabletop, Archway, Diamond Bins and Single Bottle Storage


    A Must-See Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Wine Cellar Project

    What Should You Know about Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club?

    The addition of a sophisticated wine enclave to a commercial layout can greatly enhance the aesthetic quality of the space.  It will provide proper climate conditions for storing and showcasing different varieties of wines.  A perfectly designed and constructed wine cellar will not only provide the maximum wine storage capacity, but also ease of bottle identification.

    Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Orange County CA

    Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Orange County CA

    Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently finished installing a wine cellar in one of Southern California’s finest country clubs.  The project involved creating a climate controlled wine storage space that can hold a total of 1,380 bottles.  The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar measures 11’ wide, 2’ deep, and 9’ tall, and features seamless ½” tempered glass walls, as well as floor to ceiling metal wine racking.

    The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club is a private 36-hole country club located in Orange County, California.  The country club has a 44,000 square foot clubhouse that can host wedding receptions, business meetings, and other private events.  The club recently added a spa and sports club building that houses a fitness center and a full-service spa.

    What are the Design Features of the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Wine Cellar?

    The Wine Rack Display

    A wine rack display is an important component of cellaring wines.  They are designed to provide space for storing, organizing, and displaying wine collections.  Vintage View metal wine racks are the racking of choice for the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine enclosure project.  This metal wine rack display creates a stunning showcase of different wine labels, and at the same time complements any contemporary-themed interior.

    The Elegant Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club with their Wine Display

    The Elegant Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club with their Wine Display

    Vintage View metal wine racks are designed to facilitate a label forward orientation of wine bottles.  This feature promotes ease of product recognition, allowing for quick perusal and selection of wine labels.  In addition, a horizontal placement of bottles helps secure the cork’s sealing quality, by maintaining constant contact with the wine.

    The wine rack display design for the clubhouse consists of label forward horizontal display,, in a three deep configuration.  Triple depth wine racks can accommodate three bottles laterally, increasing the total bottle capacity of the wine enclosure.  A presentation row that runs the length of the wine racking system provides a slightly tilted area, where the finest wine bottles are put on display.

    Tempered Glass Panel

    Coto Golf Club Front Side Complete

    Coto Golf Club Front Side Complete

    The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar is enclosed in seamless 1/2″ tempered glass panels, providing a striking view of the wine storage room’s interior from different angles.  Tempered glass is ideal for all kinds of applications, since the material is built with safety and strength in mind.  This glass minimizes the risk of injury, because it is designed to shatter into circular pebbles rather than jagged shards.

    One can access the different wine bottles through three sets of glass doors.  Commercial duty pivot hinges with self-closing features are used to mount the heavy doors.

    The Wine Cellar Cooling System

    Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

    Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

    For the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a wine cellar cooling system that was designed and manufactured by Wine Guardian, out of New York.  The model D088 is a self-contained, fully-ducted air handler system, that can efficiently cool an area from 1,500 to 6,000 cubic feet.

    US Cellar Systems Unit Installed in Beverly Hills, California by M&M Cellar Systems

    A wine enthusiast in Beverly Hills, California contacted M&M Cellar Systems to ask them to do a wine cellar job for him in his home. He needed a wine cabinet cooling system installed, to control the temperature and humidity in his wine storage solution. Learn about the wine cabinet refrigeration unit installation project by M&M Cellar Systems in Beverly Hills, California

    Wine Cabinet Cooling Units in California

    Wine needs to be kept in an environment wherein the temperature and humidity are constantly in the ideal ranges, to preserve its quality and develop its flavor tastefully.

    Cooling Systems for Wine Cabinets

    A wine collection must have a wine storage solution with a cooling unit installed. Wine is a beverage that has to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment in order for its quality to be preserved, and for its flavors be allowed to develop tastefully. There are various kinds of wine storage solutions. Wine cellars and wine cabinets are a few of the most common choices. Regardless of which one you choose, you need to have a wine cellar refrigeration system installed. Moreover, you need to determine the right wine cellar cooling system that can meet the specific wine storage requirements of your wine cellar or wine cabinet.

    Ideally, a home custom wine cellar is the best place to store a wine collection. Having a wine storage room in the comfort of your own home makes organizing and managing your wine collection easier. To have a wine cellar built in your home, you need adequate space. In cases in which there isn’t enough space for a wine cellar to be built, the next best option is to install a wine cabinet.

    No wine cabinet is complete without an efficient wine cabinet cooling system installed. It is a wine cabinet refrigeration unit that is responsible for providing the necessary conditions for wine to be kept safe, and for it to age properly. If you are planning to have a wine cabinet built, it is imperative that you also allocate a budget for the wine cabinet refrigeration system.

    Beautiful Wine Cabinet in Beverly Hills, California

    Beautiful Wine Cabinet in Beverly Hills, California

    US Cellar Systems and M&M Cellar Systems Team Up in Beverly Hills, California

    In order for a wine storage solution to provide the necessary climate conditions that wine needs, there has to be a wine cooling system installed. To ensure that you meet your wine cabinet’s wine storage requirements, purchase a wine cabinet refrigeration system that is manufactured by a wine refrigeration expert. Poor quality wine cooling systems will cause more harm than good to your wine collection.

    There are many wine cellar and wine cabinet cooling unit manufacturers in California. US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted in Los Angeles. US Cellars has teamed up with various wine storage companies in the country, to provide wine lovers with effective wine storage solutions. One of their long term partners is M&M Cellar Systems.

    M&M Cellar Systems is one of the leading wine cabinet refrigeration unit manufacturers in California. They are reputable for their expertise in HVAC cooling systems installation, as well as in heating. M&M Cellar Systems and US Cellar Systems have worked together many times, in various wine storage solution projects in California.

    Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Orange County Project by Arctic


      A climate controlled wine cellar is purpose built to provide the best possible storage environment for a collection of wines.  It must be meticulously constructed, in order to achieve the desired climate conditions for aging and storing wines.  In addition, the wine storage space must be equipped with the proper wine cellar refrigeration system Orange County.

      Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration

      Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration

      Among the cooling systems available, a split system is considered the most efficient cooling option.  This type of climate control system is designed to provide noise reduction, as well as flexible installation, because of its various connection options.  A split wine cellar refrigeration system separates the evaporator coil from the condensing unit.

      The evaporator coil is responsible for circulating cool air into the wine cellar.  The condensing component of a split wine cellar climate control system consists of a coil, a compressor, and a condensing fan.

      This split feature allows the noisiest part of the refrigeration equipment (the condensing unit) to be located remotely.  Placing the compressor some distance away from the wine room (such as outdoors or in an adjacent room) helps promote a wine storage environment that is free from noise and heat exhaust.  The evaporator coil, on the other hand, is mounted inside the wine cellar space.

      Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Project

      Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Project

      Let’s take a look at this recently completed wine cellar refrigeration installation project by Arctic Metalworks.  The project involves replacing an existing wine cellar climate control system that was venting hot air into the living space and was creating a lot of noise.  In addition, the cooling unit was not designed to cool such a large residential wine cellar.

      After their initial inspection, the Arctic team suggested removing the wine room’s through-the-wall breeze air style refrigeration unit, and replacing it with one of their cooling products: the Arctic 0050 ½ HP split system.  For this wine cellar refrigeration system Orange County project, Arctic Metalworks installed the condensing unit outdoors.

      Refrigeration lines and a drain line are used to connect the condensing component of the refrigeration system to the evaporator coil that is located inside the wine storage space.  A refrigerant line set consists of flexible tubes, or rigid copper, that is used to transport Freon to the cooling system, while a drain line is responsible for drawing off the liquid formed during the dehumidifying process.