Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Moving wine lovers, wine collectors, and wine businesses forward – that’s what Bella Vita Wine Cellars ultimately aims to do. By providing for every customer’s need for a custom wine cellar that proves nothing but high quality, cost-efficiency, superior construction we create classic and contemporary masterpieces. Whether you want the dramatic or just simple wine storage and display we provide long-lasting elegance.

While the world gets smaller, the wine cellar industry within it relentlessly expands, and we at Bella Vita Wine Cellars also continue to expand to meet our clients’ needs and extend our most cordial services. Our universal love for wine is very much alive and it inspires us to create wine storage solutions for personal or commercial wine collections.

After gaining popularity and trust within the state of California, our finest products have also found their place in Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon – from wine racks, to wine cabinets, wine cellar doors, wine cellar cooling units, wine cellar flooring, and other components of a custom wine cellar. Here at Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we take pride in showcasing these world-class products as they are beautifully handcrafted by our widely experienced wine cellar designers and builders.

With a solid 9 years of doing business in the wine cellar industry, our services are not confined to just building completely furnished custom wine cellars, we also have a wide selection of wine racks. We also broaden our reach by employing well-trained design consultants who guide and assist clients in getting started with their dream custom wine cellar, plus a team of highly skilled designers, also known as the CAD (computer generated design) team, who produce a 3D design for our clients to evaluate and approve.

Moreover, we make our services readily visible and accessible by creating this website for the utmost convenience and hassle-free way of getting to our customers’ needs. And so indeed our clients’ dream custom wine cellar will be just a click away!

All of us here at Bella Vita Wine Cellars look forward to hearing from you and we will be more than happy to design for you our free 3D design package so you can see what your cellar can look like. Let Bella Vita Wine Cellars join you in fulfilling that dream of an exceptionally elegant custom wine cellar. Remember, your dream is just a click away. Good luck and welcome to our family!